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Find out what's using up your device's battery


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Wakelock Detector-Save Battery is a tool that will allow you to exactly find out which applications or services on your Android device are consuming the most battery.

The way it works is very simple: it shows you a list of all the processes running on your device and the battery consumed by each. This means in a matter of seconds you'll have a complete rundown of all your installed applications, ordered by consumption due to each app's continuous Internet accesses.

Applications like Gmail or WhatsApp can consume a lot of battery due precisely to this. And thanks to the option to switch them off at any time with Wakelock Detector-Save Battery, you can save a good quantity of battery whenever you know you're not going to need them.

Wakelock Detector-Save Battery is an interesting battery-saving tool that is focused on showing you your device's data flows and giving you the possibility to do something about it.